Honda Stole My Life….What Are the Odds?

So, I am taking some time on this Sunday to decompress as the fundraiser is coming near it’s end….. 87% funded!

AND, I get a message from a dear friend telling me she saw a commercial about a woman like me….

Wait, what? Is this for real? What is incredibly funny is that I am taking on this project as strictly an educational, social and artistic endeavor and Honda makes a commercial in its effort to find a way to market to “today’s woman”.

From Honda: “The all-new 2012 CR-V is here, and it’s designed to help you get to that list of things you always said you’d do before taking life’s next big leap. Like hiking the Appalachian Trail. Or learning the drums. Or shooting a short film. So if marriage is right around the corner, make a Leap List today. And get going on it in the completely-redesigned 2012 CR-V,” Honda says.

Thoughts on this bizarre twilight zone-esque turn of events?

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