Gear Review: Supplex Sweater

I had the pleasure of working in 20 degree and snowy Maine this past weekend as a Camera Operator for a Children’s TV Show Pilot and I was beyond excited to test out some of my gear from my Sponsor Wiggy’s.

The name of the Supplex Sweater is slightly misleading.  It is better than the image that a sweater presents in ones mind (wool ugly Christmas sweater, anyone?).  Really, this is by far, the best winter jacket I have ever owned.  EVER.  We are talking about someone that

Wiggy's Supplex Sweater

can only stand about 30 minutes in the cold before starting to feel like my insides are freezing over…..sorry, that might not be the best visual.  But in all seriousness, I was facing some extreme wind, sleet, snow and low temperatures and I felt like I was indoors the whole entire time. I was unbelievably comfortable.

Straight from the Sponsor’s website:

We call this a sweater since it replaces a sweater. It is extremely light in weight. The front zipper is backed by a draft baffel. The Lamilite insulation is the same as that used in the Overbag. The base of the garment is a nylon rib, as are the wristlets. The Raglan sleeve allows freedom of movement. It can be worn as is or under a variety of garments when layering. And is especially good as a foulweather liner

Not only that, but, it is completely machine washable and made in the United States.  These are all pluses, folks.  I now feel fully prepared to face whatever the mountains may throw at me next month and that is a huge weight off my mind.  If you get a chance, check out my sponsor’s page here: Wiggy’

Meanwhile, I leave you with a still I took during a second of downtime this weekend near White Cap Mountain in Maine:

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