A Rant, With a Chance of Rain

The clock is ticking down, almost all my gear is set and I am continuing to slave away at my dehydrator.  I took a peak at the weather for when I am starting….and even though there is no forecast available yet, there are some storms working their way over toward the Appalachians and the way the weather has been recently in Georgia, it  might get slightly wet.

Nothing creates drama for a film and experience like a few solid days of rain! Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to do this if it was all easy.  Reminds me of the a$$ kicking I received when I was playing Division II collegiate soccer many, many years ago. In all honesty, I think there is nothing like playing a college sport at a stellar program to prepare you to push your mind past what your body is capable of.

I had these grand illusions that I was going to be able to run about an hour and a half every day before I left, and as the weeks count down, I fear that “life” has gotten in the way of my physical prep.  Makes me think about the greater society out there. How many of us let “life” get in the way of taking care of ourselves? At some point, we all need to stop and re-evaluate how we treat our bodies and minds before we end up spending most of our time watching trashy reality TV while our front butt continues to grow by astronomical proportions.  Extreme yes, (might be a personal fear….don’t judge) but, there are other things, like forgetting to go to the doctor because something ails us, and it then turns into a larger problem because we didn’t put ourselves first.

Rant done. Full circle? Embrace “life” by putting yourself first in it. Rain, you can try and soak me to the bone all you want, but, I have a surprise for you. I actually like rain. The sounds that come from you calm me. Even better, when you fall, you are so a free water source. So, take that!

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