As my departure date creeps closer, I find myself being asked a lot of the same questions.  So as not to neglect those that are checking my website (you’re the best), I figured I would answer some of them on here. Enjoy it! (and some of my sarcasm) 😉

Are you bringing a gun?

NO!!!! No one hikes the Appalachian Trail with a gun. Though, I am partial to a .22 rifle.

So, how long are you actually away from civilization?

Besides the 100 mile wilderness, on average, you are a day to three days away from a town where you could resupply. Or so I believe.

Are you afraid?

No, I am completely going into this with the mindset of doing my best (110%) and loving every minute of it.  The only fear about the elements of the trail is the very smart fear (in my humble opinion) of lyme disease.  Due to the warmer weather, the ticks are everywhere and this is supposed to be a bad year for it.

What are you going to eat?

Mostly carbs. Dehydrated food. I have been making little prepared meals full of couscous and dried vegetables. I am REALLY looking forward to the farm stands that I know of at certain points on the trail. There is nothing like fresh and raw fruits and vegetables!

What happens if you fall off a cliff or a bear attacks you?

In the history of the trail, no one thru-hiking has fallen off a cliff and died or been attacked by a bear.  Day hikers have befallen tough situations, but as of now (knock on wood) it has not happened to any thru-hikers.  Yes, there will be bears. No, I will not be hanging off cliffs…..unless I want to capture a gorgeous image…

…the big dangers are injury, illness and my own mental capacity to stick with it!

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