Springer, and 8.8 miles that don’t count


Well, I made it up to Springer. (see the first official white blaze in the photo??? Complete joy at seeing that!) I took the approach trail, which is 8.8 miles that doesn’t count. I’ve now done .2 miles of the trail. Imagine that, a near full day of 9 miles and all that is officially done is .2 miles. Gotta pace myself though!

Not gonna lie, I felt like I was playing the game he loves me, he loves me not with flower petals, except I was saying I can’t do this, I can do this. With 40 pounds on your back, 8.8 miles is a bit tough.

Entertaining moment of the day? Seeing sneakers and a tarp some dummy left along the side of the trail, apparently, they are unaware of what Leave No Trace means…

Decided to try a night out inside a shelter. I am a huge fan of my tent, but, the shelter is definitely part of the experience and a way to meet people, for sure.

I had a freak out moment, that I completely missed getting on camera…I thought my stove broke, but a fellow hiker messed around with it and now it seems to be working fine. Thank goodness! Food is kinda, sorta important.

I’m getting a little used to filming and hiking life simultaneously…it’s not an easy habit to get into, hiking is not a walk in the park after all…ha! ( I find myself funny, really, other hikers do too! I swear… ) but, I have over 180 days to get used to being a camera operator and hiking, I think I’ll get the hang of it 😉

Hoping for some steady miles tomorrow. Keep thinking of me, friends. Your positive thoughts and messages are very much appreciated 🙂

P.S. I woke to two holes in my pack…thank you mice!!

6 thoughts on “Springer, and 8.8 miles that don’t count

  1. My son and I are checking in with your page regularly! He is loving this as much as I am! You might have your smallest fan in this 7.5 year-old. Hopefully he doesn’t ask me to hike the A.T. with him any time soon because I’m a novice! But, maybe you’ll inspire a mom and son hike one day! And I’m familiar with the he-loves-me-loves-me-not confidence game you speak of. The ups and downs will happen…don’t believe those “he loves me not” petals and keep those eyes on the present moment girl! You got this!

  2. super excited to read all your updates, you got thsi girl, “get it”…see you at the end with a cold one 🙂

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