First Taste of Trail Magic

So wonderful, third day in, having hiked 14 miles my trail friend Connect 4 and I are blessed with some trail magic. We hit Woody Gap and were offered TP, potato chips, and rice krispy ( spelling? ) treats. Heaven. Connect 4 challenged an 8 year old to a game and he happily lost, informing us his trail name will be RazorX2. He informed us his sisters trail name will be ChickenFlower ( she’s 5 ). It. Was. Awesome. We were given a prayer and then they departed, leaving us happy and full of salty goodness. We met up with Skylark to tent on a little hill and have had a wonderful fire.

20120318-191600.jpg Very excited, 11 miles to Neels Gap, once I make it there an go past, I will be past the point where half of the people that attempt quit. It feels good to know that I will have beaten a statistic. Feeling the blisters on my feet, I have three! I’ll have to “operate” on them as they say….don’t ask, a part of the details most people don’t want to know….unless y’all want me to film it…. Looking forward to blogging after another 30 miles!


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