Sometimes, We Just Need a Little Rest


Took a zero mile day in order to rest my bad blisters. The Blueberry Patch was certainly the place to do it. I have never met such wonderful people. Gary, is a ’91 thru-hiker and his wife Lennie just has the biggest heart. The hostel is roomy, comfy and immediately feels like home. Their land is home to goats and donkees. The breakfast they serve is unbelievable, and Gary is more than accommodating with rides into Hiawassee, GA.

I was graciously invited inside to pet their cats and let me tell you, it made my day.

My friends moved on without me, rightfully so. The trail is all about hiking your own hike, as it should be.

Really looking forward to getting back out there, I get so antsy sitting still now…not that I have ever been the type to sit still for long, but, I certainly used to enjoy a lazy day off every once in awhile. I write this as the rain pitter patters on the roof of the hostel and it is rhythmically telling me it is time to go.

Ended the day with a rainbow….


5 thoughts on “Sometimes, We Just Need a Little Rest

  1. Have you revealed to us your trail name? Just curious… I love that you took some rest and are ready to go! We’re looking forward to hearing about your next adventure 🙂 Thank you for sharing with all of us!!

  2. The Blueberry patch was truly awesome! Rocket, I was glad to have met you and connect 4 and switchback. I hope your journey is a success even if it is in ways you had not expected.

    Walkabout (aka Michael)

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