Mice, I dislike you, feet, you too

A few rough days ends with me going into Franklin, against plan, tomorrow. My feet aren’t any better, I fell on my face today, a mouse got in my bear bag last night after a 16 mile day. ( and ruined ALL my food ) I kept reminding myself, I can’t quit on a bad day. And today was by far the worst day.

What helped get me through? A phone call, a gorgeous view from a firetower and a pop tart. Yup, it really is the little things, folks.

Franklin, NC : here I come!

9 thoughts on “Mice, I dislike you, feet, you too

  1. I thought of you this weekend when we learned the dance Baggage Claim at Rain. This fall, you will learn it too, and we’ll rock that thing. 🙂 Keep it up girl!!

  2. Girlfriend, time to pitch that tent! You’re so brave to stay in the shelters! So excited about NC. Congrats! So proud of you! Sorry about your feet. Don’t be discouraged. You’re amazing! Hang in. Thinking of you . . .

  3. Kori, your moving right along and it is inspirational for sure. Show that mouse who is bos, kick em to the curb! Sending good thoughts and hugs to you 😉 Keep your self safe sweetie!

  4. whatever rest is needed you take it. you earned it. one step at a time. you’re right it’s always the little things. keep on truckin

  5. Kori, you’re amazing and I pray that you keep pushing on. Heal those feet and then they’ll be stronger for the rest of the trip. The Gangreen Soccer team is pulling for you! Chris Eagan

  6. Take a break if you need it. I once was on a research project, doing a week of bushwacking with a pretty heavy pack. I got bad blisters and every day was agony. I didn’t have the luxury of taking a day or two to heal, you do. You’re much better off taking the time to let your feet heal than trying to push through and making it worse.

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