200 Miles

Cannot believe I hit the 200 mile marker today. So unbelievable. And what a place to hit it, on top of the highest point along the Appalachian Trail : Clingman’s Dome. It was freezing the whole way up, windy and I swear it felt like it was 40 degrees at best.

The day just got better as Spam’s Mom met us and took us into Gatlinburg, TN. Kinda a tourist trap and slightly overwhelming, it was still pretty cool, and I was beyond thankful to get out of the cold Smokies and into a warm hotel room for the night.

On another, rip off the thru-hikers note, Gatlinburg will charge you 2.25 cents for say a Corona if you are a “local” as they put it, but, if you are not a “local” you are charged 4.50 for that same beer. Wow, nice southern hospitality, huh?

On one other note, it seems I have become a local attraction wherever I go. If I have a pack on, it is a high probability that I will be asked to have my picture taken with someone’s child, I should start charging snacks for the photos, cause my hiker appetite has picked up something fierce. Also, it seems I can have showered, washed my clothes and still, someone will look me up and down and say: “You must be hikin’ the trail”. Either my stink never goes away, or I have the “hiker trash” look as we like to call it, haha. I do have to say, seeing this tourist mecca only makes me want to run back to the mountains. The silly stores and overpriced goods are so not worth the time and attention. I miss the mountains already!!!! Get me out!!!


9 thoughts on “200 Miles

  1. congrats on 200. That’s a big #. I remember after I rode my bicycle across the country, stores and overpriced goods, and even city lights, were overwhelming. sure puts things in perspective, eh?

  2. Oh you just have that hiker trash look, OWN IT. There are still days I want to walk around with crocs, a beard, a strange funk, and a tie dyed shirt

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