Rumors Are Never Worth Your Time

The Trail is like high school. Word spreads so fast on here, and people will just talk without knowing what they are talking about. I have been so proud to camp most nights with and be a part of the Wolfpack. What people don’t know about us? A majority of us are hiking for a cause. Diabetes, fallen soldiers, main street organization, you name it. We range in age from late teens to forties. We relax after a long day of hiking by having a fire and singing along to some guitar playing. We howl as a form of communication, which on a crappy day has made me feel so much better, because I knew a good friend was within earshot. We never let a friend go without food and we make sure a member never goes missing. We look out for one another. We are family. Don’t be threatened by us because we are a big group. We welcome all. But most of all, we don’t spread rumors about others. We are all hiking the trail, we are all the same, no better no worse.

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