Thank You!

Can I just take a moment to thank all the trail angels in my life? You have been doing so much since I started at Springer, y’all are awesome. I sincerely hope I don’t forget anyone here:

Kelly and Milton: you are amazing. I wish you could have hiked with me. But, it was so wonderful to see you and talk. And the Wolfpack and I are indebted to you.

Mom and Dad: you have been handling things in the “real world” for me…not sure what the real world is anymore, but know that I appreciate you more than anything. Miss you both, looking forward to seeing you in Vermont.

Erin: you’re care package meant the world. Best brownie ever, and I loved the triplets art work. Totally made my day!

Gingersnap: I would not be where I am now if it weren’t for you. I mean this so sincerely….you saved my hike. I cannot thank you enough, but, know that if it weren’t for you, I would have been off the trail in Franklin.

Mrs. Jenness: your energy and care in Gatlinburg was truly amazing. You made me feel like family.

Maddie: your help is paramount. Thanks for being my co-producer. I am at ease knowing your taking care of my footage.

Erwin and Rosemary: laundry, food, a bed, rides….your hospitality was amazing.

I’ve encountered other trail magic along the way, but, these instances were individually given to me through friends and family. It means a great deal. Y’all keep me strong. Thank you!


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