Well, of course, my “gear list” has changed. And I have had to contact companies for replacements. Here are three companies I can safely review:

Boots. I had to replace my boots because they were simply the wrong boots for my feet. Outdoor 76 in Franklin fit me with Montrails. What a difference! I never thought I would be comfortable in trail runners, but, with narrow feet, these are the perfect fit. Boots need to be fitted by someone that knows what they are doing, and since these are my mode of transportation, it matters. We will see if they are like Mammut in terms of helping out thru-hikers, because the mesh now has two holes from wear and tear.

Here is one tough review. I had Leki trekking poles. They were stolen in Franklin. I needed these poles because they also serve as a monopod for my camera, for my documentary. I for certain knew I would pay for them, no issue there. But, when I called Leki I asked for poles (plural). They sent one. My knees suffered for 5 days while I hiked with one pole. Thankfully, my Mom got in touch with them and a second one was sent to home in MA, where it was overnighted to Erwin. The only discount was 8 dollars off shipping…and they were the only company that wouldn’t ship to me on the trail, costing me more.

Mammut. Amazing. My u-shaped ultralight pillow somehow has a hole in it, after a month and a half of use. They are sending me a replacement ASAP. At my next mail drop. I will now always look at Mammut gear when I need new gear. Their response was within an hour, what a great company. And their pillows are worth it, I sleep so well with them, which makes for a well rested hiker to do big miles each day.

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