A Waterful Day

Hiked only 14 miles today….BUT, it included a sit and dip by not only two great waterfalls, but, also a swim in the Elk River. Perfect for a day with record high temperatures.

Crossed state number two off my list yesterday. I have now officially hiked all of Georgia and North Carolina. Very soon Tennessee will be added to that list. It’s very exciting to think of what I have done so far. Though I am starting to feel a bit antsy and worried that I might not make my deadline of September. Looking forward to the days when I walk 10 miles before lunch and then do 10 more. Soon enough, I’m sure!

More later, folks 😉


Enjoy the photo, it was in a neat restaurant in Tennessee.

2 thoughts on “A Waterful Day

  1. Keep on truckin girl. Yourdoing great! Thanks for the post ard, Dan & Sandy Wallace. Jena’s Mom & Dad.

  2. In my book, 14 miles is a lot! Enjoy the journey. Your progress is amazing and inspiring. Keep on keepin’ on. Be safe, girl.

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