I have invented a new sport. It is called Mud-skiing. There are some important standards and rules when it comes to this sport. We shall start with gear.

This is not an ultralighter’s sport. The more weight you carry, the better your ability to slide. 40 plus pound backpacks only. Any lighter weight and you might encounter less sliding.

Trekking poles. These are key and mandatory. Failure to mud-ski without these results in disqualification. Good poles will go in the ground, but release quick enough so the athlete doesn’t fall from a lagging trekking pole.

Boots with no tread. Very important, it makes the slipping and sliding easier.

Professionally, you cannot wear gators, amateurlly, they are allowed.

Track conditions: it is only possible to mud-ski during or after a great deal of rain. Specifically, the best areas are on the Appalachian trail.

Rules: proper gear is required. Failure to use the right gear will result in a disqualification. Falling is not allowed, points will be deducted.

How to win: the athlete that makes it from shelter A to shelter B without falling, with the most slides ( one point per slide ) wins. Extra points with only one foot in contact during slides. Points deducted if there is mud above the kneecaps.

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