Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Randomly, I made a short day into one of the best thus far. I got to Wind Rock and this couple Happy Trout and Jungle Cat were talking about going the 5 miles to mountain lake to see it and have dinner. What is mountain lake? Only one of two naturally made lakes in Virginia that also was the location of the film Dirty Dancing!!!

We managed to get a ride in and out, which is always a matter of sheer luck. The lake was beautiful!! Strange thing, the lake is on a fault line and completely dried up in 2008. It continues to refill and dry out every year, though it has yet to get back to its full glory. It was pretty awesome to see spots from the movie and see the different memorabilia. The hotel was gorgeous, serious luxury. Best of all, though we were obviously thru-hikers, we were treated just like everyone else. The dinner though pricey, was amazing. Steak, salad, bread, asparagus, rice, beer, gourmet onion rings, coffee and dreamsicle cheesecake. Divine.

To top off the day: made it back to Wind Rock in time to catch the sunset. That’s one way to turn the Virginia Blues into a phenomenal day!


One thought on “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

  1. Rocket, you ROCK!!! You’re always on time — because, whenever I get to thinking, “Gee, we haven’t heard anything from the Trail in awhile,” you are always right there with an awesome post! I actually JUST watched Dirty Dancing last week because it’s now on Netflix! Love it and so happy you got to see the lake, scenery, and memorabilia!! Keep it up, you’re really rockin it out on the Trail!!! Xoxo

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