Life and Death Just Off the A.T.

Forwarning, this post is not for children. I know some awesome kids follow along, parents, please read first and then decide if they can read this post.

During a short stop in Daleville I witnessed a very tough event. After leaving the outfitter elated at getting a lighter, warmer sleeping bag, my friend Steps and I made our way to the grocery store. Upon arrival, we saw a car parked and a small crowd on the drivers side. A woman lay on the ground, her head was practically blue and there was foam coming out of her mouth. There was people attempting CPR while a siren could be heard from a distance. The ambulance arrived shortly and she was put into the back of the ambulance. I watched as her rigid and blue fingers disappeared behind the doors. I cannot say if the woman was dead, but she looked gone, and the whole situation felt so strange and foreign to me. I have never seen anything like that. I’ve been to many funerals, unfortunately, and she looked so similar to those I’ve seen that had passed days before. I suppose I am sharing this experience for two reasons. One, I didn’t film it, I felt as though that would be incredibly disrespectful. Two, every moment is irreplaceable. I sincerely felt the finality of mortality right then. The life and experience I am leading is a complete gift. So is yours. Tell someone you love today how much you appreciate them and really take the time to enjoy them. These are all the thoughts that crossed my mind, because you never know. Anything can happen.

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