Rant and Rave

Let’s get one thing straight, there is a reason people say “hike your own hike”. I am going to let you know that this post will be completely honest. Let’s start with day hikers and weekenders. Stop judging me because I didn’t go a half mile off the A.T. to look at another fire tower. I’m hiking 2,000 plus miles. I can stop and stare at your local tower or pass it by. Your “you don’t stop to look at anything???” comment is judgmental and all wrong. I look at what I want to look at when I want to look at it, it’s my choice. Also, yes, I am female (thanks for noticing) and who cares that I am alone? Stop playing mom and telling me to be careful. I have a mom already. And, P.S. she’s amazing. While we are on the subject of these kinds of hikers, please note, right of way is always uphill. Please be courteous and step to the side.

Thru-hikers and section hikers: stop complaining about how everyone else hikes. I am tired of hearing complaints that so and so likes to run from shelter to shelter, or that anything over 20 miles is too much, or anything below 25 is unacceptable. Everyone has an opinion. Aren’t those things like your rear end anyway??? We all have ’em! What works for one thru-hikers journey won’t work for another. Someone aqua blazed? Who cares?! This person is a purist and wont miss an inch of trail? Good for them! There is no one way to hike the A.T. Therefore, enough already. Hike your own hike, and give everyone else a break with the judgements.

Rant done.


One thought on “Rant and Rave

  1. Well put. This is YOUR hike, do it YOUR way. While there are probably a number of wrong ways to do it, there’s no “right” way. You’ve done a lot better than many of the people who’ve tried it, so keep on with what’s working for you.

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