On the Mend

Well, my younger sister was my trail angel today. She picked me up and brought me home to heal. Home…it is so strange being home. It feels completely premature. I really didn’t want to leave the trail, but it was evident I needed medical attention. Basically, I was on my way to getting trench foot. After further diagnosis, the open wounds on my feet are infected. Leaving trail was so very difficult for me, but, I am very hopeful I am only on the mend for a few days. 1600 miles and so close to the finish…optimism is key right now. I will climb Katahdin. If its the last thing I do!!



So, thank you to everyone that has offered to help me finish. The support I have received is amazing. I’m taking things day by day and everything is costing more as I go north. Here is how you can help. I need help with resupplies. The first resupply is in Hanover, NH. Estimated arrival is 8/5. I need ibeprophen, (spelling?) pasta sides or cheap Mac and cheese is my normal dinners, dried fruit, band aids, toilet paper, home baked goods, balance bars, Luna bars, cliff bars, jerky, trail mix…..since I am taking things day by day…see the pictures of my feet below….a little help with resupply, a care package would make my day. The address is:

hold for A.T. hiker Kori Feener
ETA 8/5
Mountain Goat Outfitters
68 S Main street
Hanover, NH 03755

I would set up a site to donate, but, it’s difficult to do while I am out here…I haven’t had service for days till now. If you are going to send, and can only send a thing or two, please respond so that there isn’t multiple help. I’ll put up another drop location soon. Thank you everyone, it helps knowing people want me to finish as much as I want to.



Happy Trails

Having walked over 1500 miles it is really difficult to come to terms with the fact that I might not be able to finish my thru-hike. It all comes down to finances. Unfortunately, I am a graduate student…it’s ironic that that is part of the reason I am out here, to film my graduate thesis. It is also the reason I probably wont be able to complete my goal. I should have been fine. Everything was planned to a T. However, the government cut funding for education. Now, I owe money for the fall semester. I should have been all set with loans, but, due to the cutbacks, I am not. Folks, I hate to disappoint you and worse, I feel as though I am disappointing myself. I’ve gone through so much to get this far and the thought of it ending before the finish, before Mt. Katahdin is painful. I’m telling you now I am trying my best. Upping my miles to make it as far as I can until the funds run out. Thank you to everyone who has helped me make it this far. You are all amazing. Happy Trails.

Heat and Heat Rash, wooohoooo!

Well, the heat hasn’t let up. Thankfully, I am no longer alone and can share the pain and joy with Skinny Rambo and Float. Two really fun guys, for sure. We were trying to do huge miles through NJ and NY but have wound up doing less because the heat. The sun is draining, there are still rocks (even though we are out of Rocksylvania), the humidity drenches you in seconds, and to top it off I have the worst heat rash on my feet. Imagine taking a knife and cutting off a layer of skin, because that is what it feels like. Nothing helps, my feet are just sweating so much that they are raw. Thankfully, NY has deli’s. Food sometimes can cure a lot of woes!



A.T. Family

Family really means everything. I had gone a month without seeing any of my fellow Wolfpack members and I didn’t realize how much it had taken a toll on me not being around my friends. Did I say friends? It’s really more like a family. We all are so very different, but, we all still get along. I missed that camaraderie. For awhile I was camping alone, hiking alone, and it was greatly taking its toll.

Only our group would have a reunion BEFORE the hike is done. It was, per usual, epic. Papa Wolf’s house was such a great setting for our 4th of July celebrations. There were fireworks, a Wolfpack size fire, music, food, movies, beer. It was the perfect break. While I was there I realized how much I missed being social and being with friends. I made the decision there to skip a small part of the trail. My deadline for school is rapidly approaching and this way I would be able to summit Katahdin with some of my close friends. A great deal of people realize that the trail is just this train…the journey that occurs is far greater and more encompassing than mileage. When all is said and done, I will still be a 2000 miler and I will be happy and honored to summit with two of my dear friends. Life, folks, is good. Now, back to the trail!!



I have officially hiked half of the Appalachian Trail. I cannot tell a lie, it feels pretty darn good. I have overcome physical hurdles, mental hurdles, emotional hurdles…and it is only going to get tougher. Pennsylvania is also known as Rocksylvania…and I have yet to hit the tough rocks. Money is getting tight and time, even tighter. I am one of the few people out here (that I’ve run into) that has a deadline. My mileage is increasing for sure, 25 miles a day just doesn’t seem as daunting as it used to. At this point, things are a little of a mixed bag, more friends have left trail and the pressure of finishing on time for my last semester of grad school is mounting.

So, how to deal with that stress? Well, for today, I managed to deal with it by consuming a half gallon of ice cream. The half gallon challenge is a tradition amongst thru-hikers. I managed to consume my chocolate ice cream in 26 minutes. If anything, it gave me a sugar rush to keep going!! Miles to go before I sleep…specifically, around 1095 miles….