Harper’s Ferry!

I am number 543. Yup, I’ve been reduced to a number. 542 Northbounders made it to Harpers Ferry just before me. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m a proud and happy number 543!! 🙂

First came getting out of Virginia…I called my Mom as I stood over the border, left foot in West Virginia and right foot in Virginia. Yup, I straddled two states….1000 miles and getting out of Virginia? Life is good!!! Also, there was a lovely note for the Wolf Pack…thank you Cheeks and Atlas, it was so great to feel like I was celebrating 1000 miles with you at that moment.

The next day, I meandered into the ATC Headquarters and got the number 543 and my official Harpers Ferry photo. I got out of there as fast as possible because the hiker appetite was raging and a burger and sweet tea was in order for sure!

Harpers Ferry reminded me of Plymouth Plantation….what a huge tourist area!!!! All the noises, as I devoured my food, it was time to move on…with 4 states down, I have more to conquer! I can’t wait 🙂


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