A Few Hours in the Mind of this Thru-Hiker

Witness the neurosis:

Ok, next break, 5 miles. Focus on the feet….step, step, step, it’s kinda nice out, a little chilly, I wonder when the weather will get hot, 20% chance of rain means 100% rain…im hungry already! Ok, 4 more miles till a snack, I wish I could get ice cream, I could tomorrow, I’ll ice cream blaze then, ice cream blazing!!!!!! Wahhhooooo!!!! OUCH!! “(expletive)” I need to focus on my feet, dang rocks, rolled ankle number one of the day, I wonder how I’ll fare in Pennsylvania….I can’t believe I’m almost in Pennsylvania!!! Knee deep in the water somewhere….never been so happy, never felt so high….”(expletive)” ….snake! What kind of snake IS that?! It’s not moving, maybe I should poke it, maybe I shouldn’t….got 2 more miles, yay! Should be there in less than an hour, moving good today….damn hill, where did you come from? You weren’t in the AWOL guide! AWOL!!!! “(expletive)” ok, I’m moving slower now, up and down, up and down….breathe in and out….I kinda miss hiking with…oh well, I like being alone and going my own pace, I wonder how he’s doing? “(expletive)” rolled ankle number two, that was a bad one, focus! Step, step, step…downhill…run, step, step, run, run, run, I’m flying! Is flying cheating? Silly purists…do purists freak out if the trail splits around a tree? I’M SO HUNGRY….time to walk and eat…blah, jerky, ooooh, candy!!! Sugar!!! I should do a blog on food, that’d be a good one…maybe I should do a mid air jump for my katahdin photo…tick check!!! Ah, what IS that?!?! Phew, just dirt, I’m so dirty, when’s the last time I showered? Oh, uh, oh, gotta pee! (drop pack quickly) hope no one comes around that corner….(pack on) step, step, step…5miles! Yes! Break time! Snack time! Yay!

4 thoughts on “A Few Hours in the Mind of this Thru-Hiker

  1. Love it. People who have never done any lengthy hiking just don’t understand what’s it like when you’re in that zone. I remember one late fall traverse of the Presidential Range in NH. It was getting late, I was exhausted, the sun was going down. I just kept thinking “Keep moving or die. Keep moving or die.”

  2. PA here you come!! We’re so proud of YOU for putting your foot in front of the other SO MANY TIMES!! HOpe you’re feet are doing okay. I loved your comment about enjoying looking at your clean fingernails when you were in Waynesboro. We’re driving (what wiimps we are…) to PA tomorrow to visit Gma and George is preaching at a small, great church in the Poconos. Then we’re on to ME and PEIsland to visit Aly. GLAD WE KNOW YOU!! Love these blogs.

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