A.T. Family

Family really means everything. I had gone a month without seeing any of my fellow Wolfpack members and I didn’t realize how much it had taken a toll on me not being around my friends. Did I say friends? It’s really more like a family. We all are so very different, but, we all still get along. I missed that camaraderie. For awhile I was camping alone, hiking alone, and it was greatly taking its toll.

Only our group would have a reunion BEFORE the hike is done. It was, per usual, epic. Papa Wolf’s house was such a great setting for our 4th of July celebrations. There were fireworks, a Wolfpack size fire, music, food, movies, beer. It was the perfect break. While I was there I realized how much I missed being social and being with friends. I made the decision there to skip a small part of the trail. My deadline for school is rapidly approaching and this way I would be able to summit Katahdin with some of my close friends. A great deal of people realize that the trail is just this train…the journey that occurs is far greater and more encompassing than mileage. When all is said and done, I will still be a 2000 miler and I will be happy and honored to summit with two of my dear friends. Life, folks, is good. Now, back to the trail!!


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