Happy Trails

Having walked over 1500 miles it is really difficult to come to terms with the fact that I might not be able to finish my thru-hike. It all comes down to finances. Unfortunately, I am a graduate student…it’s ironic that that is part of the reason I am out here, to film my graduate thesis. It is also the reason I probably wont be able to complete my goal. I should have been fine. Everything was planned to a T. However, the government cut funding for education. Now, I owe money for the fall semester. I should have been all set with loans, but, due to the cutbacks, I am not. Folks, I hate to disappoint you and worse, I feel as though I am disappointing myself. I’ve gone through so much to get this far and the thought of it ending before the finish, before Mt. Katahdin is painful. I’m telling you now I am trying my best. Upping my miles to make it as far as I can until the funds run out. Thank you to everyone who has helped me make it this far. You are all amazing. Happy Trails.

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