On the Mend

Well, my younger sister was my trail angel today. She picked me up and brought me home to heal. Home…it is so strange being home. It feels completely premature. I really didn’t want to leave the trail, but it was evident I needed medical attention. Basically, I was on my way to getting trench foot. After further diagnosis, the open wounds on my feet are infected. Leaving trail was so very difficult for me, but, I am very hopeful I am only on the mend for a few days. 1600 miles and so close to the finish…optimism is key right now. I will climb Katahdin. If its the last thing I do!!


3 thoughts on “On the Mend

  1. Kori, So very very proud of you! So sorry you poor feet are suffering. Healing thoughts given to you and your poor feet. Best of healing to return and finish the trail XOX

  2. You did the right thing. No doubt in my mind that you will finish the AT and stand proudly, and with an even greater sense of accomplishment on the summit of Mt Katahdin. Godspeed. Heal fast. We are with you.

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