Vermont, I’m ready to conquer you!

Dear Reader,

Back on the trail, not much to report, just keeping my hopes up that my feet keep up. I had a great drive back to Vermont with my mom. I want to thank my family for caring for me the past week, if it weren’t for them, I would have been in a bad way. I also want to thank an acquaintance that is making sure I can financially finish the trail. Without your kind loan I would not be making it out of Vermont. Also, thanks for the mail drops…friends and followers! Cannot wait to get to Hanover and see the goodies you all sent.

Much love and eternal gratitude,


2 thoughts on “Vermont, I’m ready to conquer you!

  1. Cool. Glad you are back on trail. We’ll keep tabs incase we get close to your neck of the woods. We’re currently moving forward in MA

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