5 thoughts on “White Mountains

  1. Hooray!!! Welcome back! Enjoy the time here on your home mountains. 🙂

    I wish I could help, but I’m heading to Maine this weekend. We’ll see where you are next time I’m up in the Whites, if I can help out with any magic or vehicle transport. I’d been looking forward to some trail time with you but the broken leg won’t be hike-ready for at least another month.

  2. Kori, I was in Haiti last week doing a medical mission clinic so I haven’t been able to keep up with you. SO AWESOME that you’re in the White Mountains!! Wow, you’ve been moving woman!! I’ll pray for real magic to show up just when you need it. I’m so glad you have someone to hike with and enjoy the gorgeous views of NH. May your feet dance up and down the trail!! Now when I eat ice cream I think of YOU. xoxoxo George and Lynn Ainsworth, Waynesboro, VA

  3. CAB and I hiked Moosilauke over the weekend. Amazing. We were looking for you! We decided to hike UP the Beaver Brook Trail instead of down. Watch your step and try to sneak a peek at the cascades now and then. Good luck on Kinsman Notch. Let us know how the trail is approaching the summit of South Kinsman. That section is our next adventure! Stay safe. Glad to hear you’re back on the trail.

    • Hey! I’ve already done the Kinsman’s…gorgeous hike, good pick for your next one! I will give a report though after I revisit them with 38 pounds on my back!!

      Thanks so much, for everything!

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