Fear of the Future

So many people out here are starting to be fearful of the end of the trail. Katahdin is coming closer everyday, and there is a constant worry of adjusting to the real world. I fall into the fear trap upon occasion, but, more often than not I am not fearful, but excited. Yes, to tell the truth, I’d rather spend the rest of my life as a wandering adventurer. And who knows, maybe that will happen. But, each new change is something to appreciate. The trail was an unknown, a challenge, a life change and something that could have easily been feared. However, I took on the challenge with energy, enthusiasm and hope. I hope my fellow thru-hikers look at the R.W. not in fear, but as another challenge, another A.T. We adapted to the trail, we can adapt to the normal world again too. And maybe, we are now better equipped….


One thought on “Fear of the Future

  1. no fear in you. just another walk in the park. looking forward to seeing you again and hearing all about the trail. very proud of you. ya dun good

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