Angels, Angels Everywhere

Recently, I was blessed with some amazing trail magic. People continue to surprise you, if you let them. The first magic came when Adam, who has been following my project from the beginning, offered to slack pack my friends Skrambo, Late For Dinner and I. The plan: masterful. Jump ahead at a road crossing to do a tough, steep section that is better done without full packs, then we can finish with the best part of the whites: the presidentials. Adam drove a very, very long way to do this, with his adorable son in tow. Listening to his peak bagging stories in the car on the way to Pinkham notch was pretty awesome. I’ve been talking about my peak bagging adventures for days, and to hear someone else’s experiences on trying to complete the 48 4000 footers in NH was a bit refreshing. Reminded me of home. His son was soon dubbed Mountain Man because he kept asking if he was climbing mountains today, so cute! Because of Adam’s trail magic we were able to climb 7 4000 foot mountains, 3 of which count for the NH 48. The views off the Wildcats were spectacular, looking back on Washington and seeing where we would be in a few days was an indescribable feeling. We made it off the mountains in time to miss the rain and got to sit, dry in a car on our way to our shelter for the evening. Without Adam, that day would not have been possible. A true trail angel, he really helped us on our way to Katahdin.

That brings me to our shelter for the evening. Susan. What an amazing person she is. She had become a fan of Late For Dinner’s trail journal and had invited him to stay at her home. A chance run in with her for me and Skrambo also turned into a place to stay, right in Franconia. Home cooked meal, shower, laundry and best of all the start of a great friendship that helped us charge up for the whites. Susan’s positive energy and excitement is contagious. The best part of it all? A unique experience hiking the Franconia ridge. She happens to fly glider towing planes. As Skrambo and I made our way over Lincoln and on our way to the top of Lafayette, she flew by giving the standard plane hello as her wings bounced back and forth. We both screamed in excitement….possibly freaking out every day hiker in sight. Seeing Susan fly over us on that ridge line was certainly the best way to make our thru-hike unique. We couldn’t stop smiling for hours. Thanks to our very special angels, I can excitedly say: Maine, here we come!!!!

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