Life and Decisions

Life is full of decision making and consequences. Let me start by clarifying something. What I have been doing for the past six months is not a vacation. It has been hard work and work that I have both loved and loathed. Waking up when the sun comes up everyday to walk anywhere between 15-25 miles a day is physically and mentally taxing. And it has been my job. I’ve learned that loving your job is as important as respecting it and taking a break from
It. I’ve had forced breaks, such as blisters and trench foot. I’ve had chosen breaks, or vacations, such as trail days and the fourth of July. I am explaining all this because the general consensus seems to be that I have been on vacation. And to then follow up with my decision to finish, despite some consequences could have those that think I’m living it up for six months slightly confused. The reality is, when you go away, life keeps living without you. I have one more year left of grad school. Unfortunately, it starts very soon and I have over 200 miles to go. Literally, an impossible feat in Maine when you are trying to complete it in 10 days. Most people out here have the luxury of time. They don’t have a deadline. I however, don’t have that luxury. From where we are, that would mean 30 mile days. That would not be fun work. It would be hell and it would make my rapidly deteriorating knees very worse. It has been a very hard decision, but, Skrambo and I are jumping ahead to the 100 mile wilderness to finish our journey. It matters more to finish the trail on an enjoyable note, doing much more manageable miles. We are coming back next summer to hike the sections we missed from time constraints and injury. But, either way, the lesson here, something I fully stand by, is that our journey went in this direction. This was how our thru-hike went and how it was supposed to go. I embrace it. I’ve loved it. And I am looking forward to enjoying the 100 mile wilderness and most of all, Katahdin.



7 thoughts on “Life and Decisions

  1. That sign means you made it through the Mahoosucs, and I’m so glad that you did since they’re such a magical place. Don’t feel bad about the gap to the 100-mile, it’s what you have to do, and better to skip that than something like the Mahoosucs or the Whites! Good luck!!!

    • The Mahoosuc’s were amazing. I cannot wait to see the footage I shot through “the most difficult or fun mile of the A.T.” it was so challenging and a blast. I loved it! And thank you for the kind reply.

      • Kori! Nice to see you still online! If you are, by any chance, hanging out in Bethel before doing your jump ahead, I recommend the orange BBQ trailer on Rte 2/26 in the parking lot of the Good Food Store, across from the Irving. Or the self-serve pie stand on Rte 26 between Rte 2 and Grafton Notch. If you’ve already left the area, then I’m very sorry if you’re now salivating. 🙂

  2. Stand tall and proud of your accomplishments and your decision as to how to best proceed from here! It’s YOUR hike, Kori. You’ve got a couple fans down here applauding all of your hard work.

  3. The Sound Stage wishes you the best of luck moving forward!! Sometimes the best of decisions are the hardest to make! Keep it up you are almost there!

  4. My dear Rocket (and skrambo)!! This is YOUR path, no one else’s….nobody should be judging your decisions unless they are walking in your shoes! You have had to make a tough choice, and you made one! I am so proud of you. I will be there with you, when you finish, and i cannot wait! I will be grinning from ear to ear when you kiss that sign next week! And I hope i will join you next summer for the anniversary maine pick up!!! see you soon ❤ susan

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