It’s Log, It’s Log….No, This Isn’t That Song

The logging process has begun. Truth be told, I nearly started it after two days of being back.  The best part about doing a documentary on an Appalachian Trail thru-hike? Reliving all the awesome moments by watching the footage. I find at times I am homesick for the people on the trail and the beauty of the trail, and this process is really helping that transition process. The editing is going to take the better part of a year, but, I thought I would share some fun screen grabs from March – April for you all! Enjoy 🙂

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Happily Mal-adjusted

As time goes on, I’ve realized I am happier being “maladjusted”. I don’t want to go back to the high stress life I had before. There’s traffic? Duh, lots of people live here. I spilled tea on my white shirt, one less thing I have to own. It’s raining? Good, we need it, there’s been a massive drought and I have a dry place to go at night. All these things, and many others, used to stress me out. There’s so very many things to be thankful for and the biggest lesson is simplicity. I’ve been going through my things and sending them to good will. I don’t need 100 shirts, obviously an exaggeration, but being ruled by our “stuff” is a sure fire way to add stress. I can tell you from experience now that life is more full filling when everything you own is what you carry on your back. Your “things” are broken down into necessity. Wants are tangible and simple. On the trail I only ever wanted to shower, have a cold or hot drink and have the time to wash my clothes. I never want to become a consumerist again and that, I am perfectly okay with. So this is me, Kori (still feels weird when people call me by my real name…), happily maladjusted.

A New Journey: Adjusting

One full week since I climbed the amazing Mt. Katahdin. I was warned going into this that my life would change, that I would change and that nothing would ever be the same. Part of me wonders if I really listened to that advice. I spoke with a good trail friend last night and the word I came up with when talking to her was shock. Shock. That fully describes, as best as one word can, how I feel. EVERYTHING is different. I suppose everyone is the same, just how I view things has changed. I walk through this drab world now, hard, rough, beauty obscured by geometric giants. Every smell threatens my nose, swirling scents of a fake world. Tar, rubber, gas, oil, plastic, perfume, cologne. The sounds are harsh and too vibrant. I no longer pause to listen, I am bombarded with shooting planes, screeching tires, angry horns. I feel like I don’t belong in this world that tries to hammer itself over your head. Yet, I remain calm and focus on blocking it out as meditatively as possible. I’ve never been one to lie or pad my thoughts when it comes to how I feel and/or my opinions. That hasn’t changed, and so this is an honest offering up to the question I’ve been asked most frequently: how are you?

The answer: I am calmly shocked 🙂