Five Years Ago…


The past few days as I have been going through my footage and starting to edit a few sequences I have been thinking about the past. What led me here. As artists, we all have our first “love” when it comes to filmmaking. The very first film that “started it all”. For me, it was an hour long documentary about a high school classmate of mine that suffered a traumatic brain injury. So much has changed since May of 2007 when I undertook this project. It was my first foray into the genre that is documentary and since then, there has been no looking back. For six months I tirelessly filmed the Killelea family, edited and worked day and night on a fundraising event for the film’s premiere in October of 2007. It could not have been a more rewarding experience. The Killelea’s taught me the true meaning of hope and the power of positive thinking in times of struggle. One thing is for certain, so much has changed for them and for me in the past five years, but without this film, I would not be where I am today. Alpine Zone would not have been possible. Therefore, it is a long time coming, but the documentary Where There is a Will is finally now available online, in it’s entirety. If you have an hour this weekend, feel free to watch it and if so inclined, follow the link in the description to Patrick Killelea’s website for more information on their struggle.

Thank you all, for your support in my current film, and my continuing evolution as an artist.

-Rocket aka Kori 🙂

Where There is a Will

One thought on “Five Years Ago…

  1. Wow, you’re so quick.  I”m so glad you’re also getting college credit for all your work.  How smart.  Our company from Macedonia just left so we have an easier weekend and NEED something to watch besides political ads…  Can’t wait.

    We’re so blessed to know you and keep in touch.  Your room is always ready.  If you and another friend, perhaps Kristen, want to visit, you’re always welcome (with a little advance notice in case the bed is occupied…)

    LOVE, Lynn and George


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