Kori Feener

Kori Feener is a documentary filmmaker whose short and feature works focus on stories about inspiring individuals at odds against larger forces.  With extensive experience in cinematography and narrative filmmaking, Kori combines documentary and narrative fiction in interesting ways to tell compelling stories about real life.

Alpine Zone has been kicking around Kori’s mind for a number of years after having done extensive research about the Appalachian Trail.  She hopes that this film will inspire people to follow their dreams, no matter what obstacle lies in their path.  As a resident of Massachusetts, Kori has had the privilege of traveling abroad, as well as to different locales within the United States.  Though only backpacking since 2006, she has really come to love the culture of a backpacker/hiker.  Often looked at as adventure seekers, hiker’s tend to schedule their life around their passion for nature.  Never forcing their views on anyone else, the mantra of hiker’s along the Appalachian Trail is “hike your own hike”.  Kori hopes that she can capture the meaning of “hike your own hike” and translate it to a larger scale mantra of “live your own life”.

Kori has had works shown at many film festivals in the past year, most notably her cinematography work for a narrative short called Wrigley and King.  Recently, Mission: Sneak, a short children’s narrative film Kori produced, wrote and shot has been selected to be screened at schools in India for the World Kids Foundation.

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