Five Years Ago…


The past few days as I have been going through my footage and starting to edit a few sequences I have been thinking about the past. What led me here. As artists, we all have our first “love” when it comes to filmmaking. The very first film that “started it all”. For me, it was an hour long documentary about a high school classmate of mine that suffered a traumatic brain injury. So much has changed since May of 2007 when I undertook this project. It was my first foray into the genre that is documentary and since then, there has been no looking back. For six months I tirelessly filmed the Killelea family, edited and worked day and night on a fundraising event for the film’s premiere in October of 2007. It could not have been a more rewarding experience. The Killelea’s taught me the true meaning of hope and the power of positive thinking in times of struggle. One thing is for certain, so much has changed for them and for me in the past five years, but without this film, I would not be where I am today. Alpine Zone would not have been possible. Therefore, it is a long time coming, but the documentary Where There is a Will is finally now available online, in it’s entirety. If you have an hour this weekend, feel free to watch it and if so inclined, follow the link in the description to Patrick Killelea’s website for more information on their struggle.

Thank you all, for your support in my current film, and my continuing evolution as an artist.

-Rocket aka Kori 🙂

Where There is a Will

Franklin, NC

Trail magic works in wondrous ways. Waiting for the shuttle into Franklin, I met Gingersnap. Gingersnap thru-hiked the trail last year and has spent some time this season filling a box of goodies near the 100 mile mark for fellow thru-hikers. And by goodies, I mean the best cakes a hiker could ask for! She offered us a ride into town and shortly into the conversation, offered me a place to rest my weary, messy feet and aching stomach. Never in my life did I think such people existed. There is a kinship that comes with thru-hiking for sure and a want to give back.

Instantly she made me feel better about resting a few days by telling me how she was holed up in Hot Springs for a time healing her hiking wounds. And it has become increasingly clear that a lesson I am supposed to learn is to take better care of myself.

Therefore, I am resting for some days in Franklin, helping with trail magic, making tasty cakes for other thru-hikers and hearing wonderful stories about Gingersnap’s experience last year. Buying new hiking shoes after the blisters heal from the great folks at Outdoor 76 ( very knowledgeable!!! ) and getting my stomach and cold symptoms under control. I finally realized, my feet are my mode of transportation. I NEED to heal and take care of them. 100 miles down. 2080 more to go….


One last note, while resting up I decided to go see The Hunger Games….I kept seeing trail metaphors….and the survival sections in the woods….I am itching to get back out there. So well acted and done, of course. People get very opinionated about adaptations, and I have been out of the news/life loop since hitting the trail, but, I was happy with how the story and characters were brought to life. It even felt slightly relatable….minus the love story, of course 🙂


Pack Shakedown

Phew. I underwent a pack shakedown this past weekend….and already things feel lighter.

Special thanks to class of 2011 thru-hiker Eats for being a big guiding force/advice giver.  Through his knowledge I learned how to do my own pack shakedown, pretty simple really!  How to do this, you might ask? Gather all your gear, and separate it into these categories:

Clothing, Personal, Water, Misc., Cooking, Sleep System, First Aid and Tent.

Cut where things are unnecessary.  A good rule of thumb is if things don’t have more than one purpose, it probably isn’t worth the weight.  Of course, I didn’t have my other category available: cameras. Here is hoping I make it under 40 pounds! 🙂

Now, to leave you with a song that I not only love, by an artist I have been following around from her early career, but also a song that is oddly appropriate:

I Am in Awe

We did it.  The funds have been raised for Alpine Zone!  I literally have been sitting refreshing the page every minute, making sure nothing changed. I am in shock AND so excited!  Thank you to yesterday’s new backers:


Ginger Lynn

Sean Riley

Myrna Lombard

Mikhail Ushanov

I would also like to thank at this time all the backers that chose to receive no reward. You know who you are and you are amazing.  It is so great to see so many people support the arts and in particular, this project.  I am so thrilled to share my experience with you all!

Remember, just because the fundraising campaign is done, doesn’t mean I won’t be posting on this website. Much more will be added before I embark on my 2,000 mile trek and of course, I will be blogging during the trip.  So be sure to sign up to receive updates and follow along.  I seriously wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for you all. So, thank you, so very much! 🙂

47 Hours To Go

Thank you to yesterday’s new backers!

Matt Landry

Stephanie Kolterjahn

Melissa Rogers

Only 47 hours left on Kickstarter to raise funds for the film. By Sunday morning at 8:14 AM the campaign will be closed! Thank you everyone for the support, keep spreading the word and/or pledge. I couldn’t be doing this without you! 🙂

Kickstarter Page


Two days left on the Kickstarter campaign.  The official trip planning has begun…I am so excited to be sharing this with y’all.  Special thanks to yesterday’s new backers:

Matthew Louzier

Catherine St. Pierre

Jennifer Tremblay

Brett Carlson


Drew Marold

Micah Chaplin

John Gagliardi

Meaghan Walker

Cara Grace Pacifico

Nathaniel Hansen


Everyone has been amazing, helping spread the word, pledging. A few more days left, please keep spreading the word and supporting the project! Thank you soooo much 🙂

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