Change Is Coming

Been plowing through footage and am looking forward to putting this all together. Ideas are flowing, which is awesome. There will be some changes coming to the website soon, I am looking for a less blog-style layout and a more “this is my movie!” layout 🙂

For now, some more awesome pictures to keep you at the edge of your seat 😉

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A Few More Stills

Still reviewing footage. Very happy with some of the moments I have captured. The good news is the humor and drama seems to be reading well with a few select people that have looked over some of the footage with me. I can’t wait to start the edit. But, for now I have looked at all my footage through May! Wooohooo! Here are a few more images for you all to enjoy:

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Life and Decisions

Life is full of decision making and consequences. Let me start by clarifying something. What I have been doing for the past six months is not a vacation. It has been hard work and work that I have both loved and loathed. Waking up when the sun comes up everyday to walk anywhere between 15-25 miles a day is physically and mentally taxing. And it has been my job. I’ve learned that loving your job is as important as respecting it and taking a break from
It. I’ve had forced breaks, such as blisters and trench foot. I’ve had chosen breaks, or vacations, such as trail days and the fourth of July. I am explaining all this because the general consensus seems to be that I have been on vacation. And to then follow up with my decision to finish, despite some consequences could have those that think I’m living it up for six months slightly confused. The reality is, when you go away, life keeps living without you. I have one more year left of grad school. Unfortunately, it starts very soon and I have over 200 miles to go. Literally, an impossible feat in Maine when you are trying to complete it in 10 days. Most people out here have the luxury of time. They don’t have a deadline. I however, don’t have that luxury. From where we are, that would mean 30 mile days. That would not be fun work. It would be hell and it would make my rapidly deteriorating knees very worse. It has been a very hard decision, but, Skrambo and I are jumping ahead to the 100 mile wilderness to finish our journey. It matters more to finish the trail on an enjoyable note, doing much more manageable miles. We are coming back next summer to hike the sections we missed from time constraints and injury. But, either way, the lesson here, something I fully stand by, is that our journey went in this direction. This was how our thru-hike went and how it was supposed to go. I embrace it. I’ve loved it. And I am looking forward to enjoying the 100 mile wilderness and most of all, Katahdin.



One Year Later

A lot can happen in a year. I don’t think it’s very often we have the opportunity to reflect on that. A year ago from today I was finishing a three day hike in the whites, where I was testing my ability to handle multiple overnights in order to prep for the A.T. I was also going through a great deal of emotional turmoil. Flash forward to now, the exact day, one year later. I am hiking the same exact mountains. Literally, the same exact ones. This time, as I crossed South Twin, went over Guyot and lingered by Zealand Falls I felt completely new and different. I’ve realized the changes the A.T. has brought to my life along the way, but, this was truly an epiphany moment. I love myself, my life, my journey so much more. I am not left wanting for something better anymore because it already exists. I’m so very satisfied with the decisions I’ve made and the choice to only deal with the now and not the undefined future. On the trail, if you spend too much time over analyzing life the trail seems to remind you to focus on what is right in front of you. Such as tripping on a tree root (which happened twice on this day). The trail constantly reminds me to be in the moment, understand it and enjoy it for what it’s worth. And man, the whites, my home, are worth so much.


Fear of the Future

So many people out here are starting to be fearful of the end of the trail. Katahdin is coming closer everyday, and there is a constant worry of adjusting to the real world. I fall into the fear trap upon occasion, but, more often than not I am not fearful, but excited. Yes, to tell the truth, I’d rather spend the rest of my life as a wandering adventurer. And who knows, maybe that will happen. But, each new change is something to appreciate. The trail was an unknown, a challenge, a life change and something that could have easily been feared. However, I took on the challenge with energy, enthusiasm and hope. I hope my fellow thru-hikers look at the R.W. not in fear, but as another challenge, another A.T. We adapted to the trail, we can adapt to the normal world again too. And maybe, we are now better equipped….