Wolfpack and an epic water ride

Things have certainly gone up, despite more blisters and my shoes not fitting as best as I thought they would. Met a great group of hikers called the Wolfpack and they certainly make me
feel like I’m at home. It started with some amazing trail magic where I wound up driving the trail magic givers truck to the local Ingles to purchase more beverages. There was a great fire and some good food.

Made it to the N.O.C. shortly after in Bryson City, NC. Some of us decided to go white water rafting in the middle of the day before hitting the big up out of the N.O.C. What a blast. I was elected Captain since I had previous experience rafting and got to steer. Everything was going swimmingly, until we went into a rapid with a warning sign that read “BUMP”. Taking the raft sideways into the rapid was probably not the smartest idea as Casanova, Trucker and I went flying overboard. Luckily, Damn Yankee and Squishy pulled us back in the raft. Despite some wet hiking clothes, it was so worth it.

What would follow that? A night hike, for almost 7 miles up a really tough mountain. Couldn’t have asked for a better day, for sure.


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